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How do I track my P&L at the listing/buyer level?
How do I track my P&L at the listing/buyer level?
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When you track your Listings and Buyers in Hurdlr, you’re able to track your P&L at the client level for each one.

When you tag income, expense, and mileage as business, you’ll be prompted to choose which listing/buyer it’s associated with. Each transaction or trip you tag to a listing/buyer is totaled and displayed in the Listings & Buyers section.

You can even track your time spent on different tasks for each listing/buyer such as house visits, staging, meetings, etc. This allows you to see the amount of time you’re spending on each listing/buyer as well.

To view the data tracked per listing:

On the mobile app:

  1. Tap 3 dots in the top left corner

  2. Select "Listings & Buyers"

On the web app:

  1. Click the "Listings & Buyers" button along the left side of the screen

From there, you can tap Listings or Buyers at the top to view a list of all of the listings or buyers you’ve entered. Just tap a listing or buyer and the default Details screen will display an overview of the details like the time spent (including the breakdown of the tasks you spent time on), expenses (including the total per category), and mileage. The Details screen will also show your estimated commission versus how much you’ve spent on the listing or buyer. Along the top, you’ll also see options to view the Expenses or Time. Selecting Expenses displays the detailed expense transaction list for this listing or buyer and selecting Time displays the detailed time entries for the listing or buyer.

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