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How do I track my Profit & Loss at the listing/buyer level?
How do I track my Profit & Loss at the listing/buyer level?
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When you track your Listings and Buyers in Hurdlr, you’re able to track your P&L at the client level for each one. With Listings & Buyers added, each time you tag income, expenses, or mileage as Business, you’ll be prompted to choose which listing/buyer it’s associated with (if applicable). Once transactions and trips are tagged to a specific listing or buyer, they will be totaled and displayed in the details for that particular listing or buyer in the 'Listing & Buyers' Dashboard.

You can even track your time spent on different tasks (such as house visits, staging, meetings, etc) for each listing or buyer, allowing you to see the amount of time spent on each client.

To View the data tagged to a particular Listing or Buyer

  1. On the mobile app, tap the 3 dots icon in the top left corner then select 'Listings & Buyers' or on the web app, click 'Listings & Buyers' on the left side of the screen

  2. Click on a specific listing or buyer to view the details such as time spent, expenses, and mileage

  3. You can also view the estimated commission vs how much you’ve spent on the listing or buyer

  4. Along the top, there are options to view a detailed list of the Expenses or Time

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