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How can I see reimbursement reports for my employees? (Employer)
How can I see reimbursement reports for my employees? (Employer)
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After you’ve added your Employees to your Employer Dashboard, your employees will show as Activated if they’ve logged into Hurdlr and started using their account:

Once your employees are activated, you can pull a reimbursement report for an employee by going to the Action section and selecting View Reimbursement Report:

You can select the time frame you’d like to pull the report for, then download this. You can repeat these for each employee’s report.

NOTE: Only transactions and mileage that your employees tag as business will be visible in the report. Transactions or mileage that they haven’t reviewed and tagged, or that they've marked as personal, will not be visible in the report.

If you have questions about the dashboard or pricing, you can contact our Customer Success team via in-app chat by tapping the question mark icon in the top right corner of your dashboard or via email at

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