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Why aren’t my income/expenses pulling into Hurdlr?
Why aren’t my income/expenses pulling into Hurdlr?
Updated over a week ago

If your income/expenses aren’t pulling in from your linked accounts, there’s a few different things to check:

Do you have an active Premium trial or subscription?

Automatic finance tracking is a Premium feature, so it’s only available during your Premium trial or if you have an active Premium or Pro subscription.

Are your accounts currently linked?

Transactions will only pull into Hurdlr for accounts that are currently linked. You can view and manage your linked accounts by navigating to the Banks & Integrations section. You’ll want to ensure that the account(s) that you want to track are toggled on there.

Do you see an error on the Income/Expenses Dashboards or Transactions Dashboard?

If you’re seeing an error on the Income/Expenses Dashboards or Transactions Dashboard, this means there’s an issue with your linked account(s). You’ll want to tap on the error and follow the prompt to resolve it.

Are these transactions more than 5 business days old?

Our algorithm only pulls transactions once banks have marked them as posted and sent this data to us. Hurdlr typically receives new bank data within 3 to 5 business days after you make the transaction (if not sooner). We originally intended to pull transactions from your bank as soon as they were pending; however, we ran into consistency issues because many banks reported transactions under different names or the amounts could change, prior to when the transaction is fully posted. So if it’s not yet been 5 business days (i.e. non-holiday weekdays), you should give it a little more time.

Have you tried manually refreshing the account?

Though rare, it’s possible an integration issue caused your linked account to have a temporary update issue that can be fixed with a manual refresh. To do so, navigate to the Banks & Integrations screen and tap the refresh icon in the top right corner.

Need additional help?

If you’ve checked everything above, and you’re still having trouble, please reach out to our Customer Success team via in-app chat. When you reach out, be sure to share details about the specific bank and/or account that you’re having trouble with.

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