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Why can’t I link my bank account/credit card?
Why can’t I link my bank account/credit card?
Updated over a week ago

If you’re running into an issue when trying to link your bank account/credit card, there’s a few things to consider:

Is your bank/credit card supported?

Hurdlr supports linking with over 10,000 financial institutions, but there are some that

may not be supported. Follow the steps here to check whether your bank is supported.

Do you have multiple logins for the same bank?

Hurdlr’s bank link feature supports one login per institution, so if you have multiple login credentials with the same bank, we can only sync one of the logins. You can, however, link as many accounts under the same login credentials as you wish.

If you have multiple logins, one solution is to contact your bank, and have them put all of your accounts under the same login credentials. If that's not possible, you’ll still be able to add income and expenses by importing from a CSV file, or manually entering the transactions for the second login that you’re unable to link.

Are you selecting the correct integration for your bank?

Some banks have different portals/integrations for their different accounts types (i.e. separate portals/integrations for business vs. personal accounts), so you’ll want to be sure you’re selecting the appropriate option if your bank is set up this way. Additionally, there are banks with similar names, so you should check that the URL shown for the bank you’re selecting is the one that you use to log into your banking site.

Need additional help?

If you’ve checked everything above, and you’re still having trouble, please reach out to our Customer Success team via in-app chat as we may need to escalate the error with your bank. When you reach out, be sure to share the name of the bank/credit card you’re trying to link and a screenshot of the error that you’re getting when trying to link it.

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