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How can I link my bank or credit card to Hurdlr?
How can I link my bank or credit card to Hurdlr?
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To link your bank account or credit card in Hurdlr:

  1. Tap the 3 dots in top left corner on the mobile app, or click the gear icon in top right corner on the web app

  2. Select Banks and Integrations

  3. Tap "+Add Account"

  4. Choose one of the popular integrations or search for your financial institution

  5. Enter your online bank login credentials and follow the prompts to complete linking your account

  6. Select the checkbox for any account from which you'd like to sync transactions

NOTE: Any accounts you select on will be linked for both income and expenses

You can add as many credit and debit cards, banks, and sub-accounts with the same bank as you wish. The only limitation is that you cannot link multiple logins at the same financial institution.

Hurdlr will initially pull your past 30 days of transactions. However, it may be possible to go farther back than that, depending on how far back your bank shares transaction data. Click here to learn how to do a historic pull.

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