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How do I track Expense Refunds?
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Tracking Expense Refunds From Your Linked Accounts

Returns/refunds you receive on your linked credit card will automatically pull into the Expenses section. Unlike your normal expenses, these transactions have a blue note that says “REFUND” and indicate a positive amount.

Changing an Income Transaction from your linked account to an Expense Refund

Any positive transaction from a linked checking account will pull into Hurdlr as an income transaction. This includes refunds you receive for expense purchases. If you need to change an income transaction that is actually an expense refund, you can do this in the Hurdlr web app.

  1. Navigate to the Income Dashboard (Free & Premium) or Transaction Dashboard (Pro)

  2. Click on the income transaction that you want to mark as a refund

  3. Click ‘Convert Income’

  4. Choose Convert to ‘Expense Refund’

  5. Select ‘Save Details’

  6. The income transaction has been moved to the Expenses tab (Free & Premium) or Money Out tab (Pro) as a refund

You can tag and categorize your expense refunds just as you would your regular expenses. If you need to add any notes or want to make any edits to the expense refund, you can do so by tapping on it.

After being tagged, your expense refunds will be reflected in the totals in your Expense Dashboard (Free & Premium) or Transactions Dashboard > Money Out (Pro) and your Expense Reports as a positive amount. For Hurdlr Pro users, your expense refunds will also be reflected in your General Ledger.

You can only change income transactions to expense refunds in the web app.

Manually Entering Expense Refunds

If you aren’t automatically tracking an account, you can still add expense refunds to keep accurate records of your spending. To manually enter an expense refund:

  1. In the web app, navigate to the Expenses Dashboard (Free & Premium) or Transactions Dash > Money Out (Pro)

  2. Click the ‘+Add Expense’ button

  3. Enter the details about your refund

  4. Select ‘Convert Expense’

  5. Choose ‘Expense Refund’

  6. Click the ‘Save’ button

  7. Now this expense, will show as a ‘Refund’ on the Expenses Dashboard

To change an Expense Refund to an Income Transaction:

  1. Navigate to the Expenses Dashboard (Free & Premium) or Transaction Dash > Money Out (Pro)

  2. Select the Refund transaction (can change the Type filter to Refunds to make it easier to find)

  3. Click ‘Convert Expense’

  4. Select ‘Income’

  5. Click ‘Save Details’

  6. Your expense refund will be converted to an income transaction, and you will be able to find it in the Income Dashboard (Free & Premium) or Money In tab (Pro)

View, Edit, or Un-do Expense Refunds

To View or Edit an expense refund:

  1. On the web app, navigate to the Expenses Dashboard (Free & Premium) or Transaction Dash > Money Out (Pro)

  2. Change the filter Type to ‘Refunds’ on the drop-down menu

  3. Now any expense refunds, tagged or untagged, will be listed and you can tag or edit them as needed

  4. Click the category field to recategorize the expense refund so it matched the original expense transaction

Unlike a normal expense, expense refunds will have a blue note saying ‘Refund’ and the amount will be positive.

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