How do I track refunds in Hurdlr?
Updated over a week ago

With Hurdlr Premium and Pro, you can track returns/refunds you receive on your linked credit card. These will pull into the app automatically in your Expenses section. Unlike your normal expenses, they’ll have a blue note that says “REFUND” and indicate a positive amount.

You can tag and categorize your refunds just as you would your regular expenses. If you need to add any notes or want to delete the refund, you can do so by tapping on it.

After being tagged, your refunds will be reflected in the totals in your Expense section and your Expense Reports. For Hurdlr Pro users, your refunds will also be reflected in your General Ledger.

On the Web App, you can filter the view to only view your refunds. To do this, go to the Expenses page and select "Refund" from the Type drop-down. Any refunds, tagged or untagged, will be listed and you can tag or edit them as needed.

If you accidentally deleted a refund, like with regular expenses, you can restore it by going to the Archived section, tapping on the refund, then tapping the restore button.

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