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What is the best way to bill the time I’ve tracked? (Pro)
What is the best way to bill the time I’ve tracked? (Pro)
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We recommend using Hurdlr’s Time & Tasks feature to track your time for client billing purposes, as you can track your time along the way, and then link the entries directly to your invoice once you’re ready to bill your client. You can track your time via the mobile app or the web app. You can learn more about tracking your time in Hurdlr here.

First, make sure you have tagged the Time & Task entries to the appropriate client. Next, make sure to select that client when creating your invoice. After doing so, you’ll see a plus button show up under the Items header. Click on "Time & Tasks". On the right of the screen, you’ll see a list of the entries that have been tagged to your selected client. Select the checkbox next to each one you want included in the invoice, then click the "Save" button. 

Note: If the rate varies from the default hourly rate you set up in your settings, you can click on the entry to edit it. 

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