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What does “Other Income” mean in the Advanced Section? (Pro)
What does “Other Income” mean in the Advanced Section? (Pro)
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Hurdlr allows you to mark your bank transactions as a certain type of income , one being ‘Other Income’. Other Income means an income transaction that is not directly related to your business.

Some examples include:

  • Income from subletting or renting out a portion of your office space

  • Income from interest

To Tag a Transaction as Other Income:

  1. In the web app, navigate to the Transactions Dashboard > Money In

  2. Select the specific transaction to expand its details

  3. Click ‘Advanced’

  4. Under ‘Account’ there is a list of options for ‘Other Income’

  5. Choose the correct account for this Income

  6. Click 'Save Details'

Please consult your bookkeeper if you are unsure whether income should be categorized as Other Income.

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