Can I create a recurring expense in Hurdlr?
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If you have recurring expenses that you need to manually enter in Hurdlr, you can set them to automatically recur.

To create a recurring expense in Hurdlr:

  1. In the mobile app, tap the plus sign in the top right corner of the Expenses tab, or in the web app, click “Add Expense” in the Expenses page

  2. Enter the Amount, Vendor and Category for the expense and select whether it’s Business or Personal

  3. Select the Expense Frequency field

  4. Choose the frequency with which you want the expense to recur. You can choose

    • One-Time Expense (default for all expenses)

    • Weekly Recurring Expense

    • Monthly Recurring Expense

    • Yearly Recurring Expense

  5. Select "Save"

Recurring expense

When you set an expense as a recurring expense, Hurdlr will automatically create an identical expense at the frequency you set. For example, if you enter in a Monthly Recurring Expense on the 1st of the month, Hurdlr will create a new identical expense on the first of each month moving forward.

If you have a recurring expense for which you’ve already been charged, you can create a back-dated expense. To do so, follow the steps above to create a recurring expense, select the date the expense started, and tap Yes to confirm and create a recurring expense dating back to the start date.

To stop a recurring expense:

  1. Tap on the most recent expense recurrence

  2. Tap on the Expense Frequency field

  3. Change the frequency to One-Time Expense

  4. Tap "Save"

NOTE: this will not delete the past recurring expenses. If you need to delete past recurring expenses, tap Reviewed at the top of the Expenses tab, tap on the entry, and tap “Delete Expense”.

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