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What are my options for tracking mileage, and how do these work?
What are my options for tracking mileage, and how do these work?
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Hurdlr has three primary mileage tracking options: auto tracking, semi-auto tracking, and manual tracking. The automatic mileage tracking feature is part of the Premium plan, and the semi-automatic and manual tracking features can be used on both the Premium and Free plans.

Auto-tracking records all your drives, with auto-start and stop detection, and you can tag them as Business or Personal at your convenience from the Mileage tab. To enable auto-tracking, go to the Mileage tab and toggle on the auto-tracking button at the top of the screen.

To ensure your mileage is tracked accurately, check out this list of optimal settings for mileage tracking.

Semi-auto tracking requires you to start and stop the tracker, but leverages GPS and location tracking to automatically pull in the start/end location, time, and mileage driven. Note that trips will be classified as Business automatically. To start the semi-auto tracker, first make sure auto-tracking is disabled, then tap the orange arrow icon in the bottom-right of the Mileage screen.

Manual tracking requires you to manually enter all of the drive details like the mileage driven and the start/stop locations. To add a manual drive, tap the + sign in the top right corner of the Mileage tab.

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