What are income rules?
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Income rules help you automate your income tracking by setting up rules to automatically tag certain deposits for you. 

To create an income rule:

  1. On the mobile app, go to the New section of your Income tab and gently swipe as if you were going to tag the income as Business or Personal. On the web app, click on a deposit that hasn’t been tagged yet

  2. Select "Create Rule" on the web app, click "Create a Rule" at the bottom of the expanded transaction

  3. Select your business and client/listing (if applicable)

  4. Choose if you would like to automate those options for all transactions from that vendor (past and future) or only future

  5. If applicable, select Advanced and check the box to apply the rule to non-exact matches

  6. Select "Save"

To view or edit your income rules, check out this article.

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